Proud to support Pride Festivals

Each year we work with lots of Pride events throughout the UK.
Back in 2007 we first started to design and print for local LGBT organisations. As the years have passed we have printed more and more for Pride events and have become well known for our fantastic creative design and high quality print.

No item is too large or too small for us to print, some of the charities we support require 100 leaflets where others require 50,000 – there is no standard order quality.

In 2015 we were delighted to team up with Manchester Pride and made them and became a main sponsor for their printing. We helped the team with all of their promotional print and managed to save them 25% off their previous years costs. We printed their “Guide to Pride” brochure which showcased all of the events going on during pride.
We printed 20,000 brochures in just 2 days and delivered directly to the festival, ready for the big day.

This year we have been asked to print materials for London, Manchester and Birmingham pride. Leaflets, banners, postcards, badges and many other items have all been produced by us as part of their promotional literature.
If you know of a worthy charity that would benefit from our help, we would love to hear from you. We support all types of organisations, from childrens charity through to cancer and mental health organisations.
Contact our team by calling us on 01782 564780

If you are connceted to a pride event or LGBT chairty, get in touch, as we can offer you a whole host of print and design services for your event or everyday use. We recently did a comparison price check and by working with us a charity partner you can save anything from 30-50% compared to other print and design companies.
We ALWAYS aim to cut your print costs without loss of quality or service.