Customers Like A Soft Touch

We recently added soft touch lamination to our production line, which has been a massive hit with customers.
Our soft touch coating gives your printing a luxurious, padded, silky feel which has to be seen to be believed.

Soft touch coating can be applied to all types of print and makes your printing stand out.
Add this magical coating to folders, postcards, newsletters and many other types of print. Adding this unique coating adds a couple of days onto our despatch time, but we can assure you, it is well worth it.

The coating turns simple, everyday print into something customers will pick up and feel! We always recommend to our clients that if they want their promotional literature to stand out, then they have to avoid the normal everyday print that competitors use and find something that makes YOU stand out. So far it’s been incredibly popular and we are seeing more and more items being asked for with this coating. In fact, it’s so popular 50% of our business card orders now leave us with this fabulous new coating.
If you could like to feel “the soft touch” for yourself, call us and we can send you samples of this luxurious finish, oh, and don’t worry, the cost is incredibly affordable, with 250 business cards costing just £30!

If you have a brochure that you would like to update and are getting tired of the same old print, we would be delighted to hear from you. We are a incredibly friendly team of people and are always happy to offer our help and advice in making your literature interesting. Anyone can print a leaflet, but making your leaflet interesting is where we really come into our own.

Soft touch is just one of our special finishes, we also offer Foil Blocking, Embossing, Scratch and Sniff fragrances and many other exiciting finishes that so few printers now offer.